Technical specifications

Length (product) approx. 1,400 mm
Width / depth (product) approx. 1,450 mm
Height (product) approx. 2,150 mm
Weight (net) approx. 950 kg
Total connection value 2.2 kW
Electrical voltage 400V
Phase (s) 3 Ph
Current Type ~
power frequency 50 Hz
Knife head size max. 76 mm
End mill size max. 18 mm
Vertical spindle projection 213 – 533 mm
Vertical spindle Spindle mount ISO 40 DIN 2080
Vertical spindle speed range
Vertical spindle Number of speed ranges 6
Vertical spindle Control of the speed control electronically adjustable
Horizontal milling length 1,244 mm
Horizontal milling width 230 mm
Distance vertical spindle – horizontal milling min. 57 mm
Distance vertical spindle – horizontal milling table max. 463 mm
Horizontal milling T-slots size 16 mm
Horizontal milling T-slots number 3
Horizontal milling T-slots distance 63 mm
Horizontal milling load max. 230 kg
Vertical spindle Power Drive motor Normal operation 1.5 kW
Coolant pump (s) Power drive motor 100W
Travel X-axis manually 800 mm
Travel Y-axis manually 305 mm
Travel Z-axis manually 406 mm
Traverse X-axis automatically 730 mm
Drilling capacity steel (S235JR) 24 mm
Continuous drilling capacity steel (S235JR) 20 mm
Vertical spindle Turning area milling head Z – X plane +/- 45 degrees
Vertikalspindel Pinolenhub 127 mm
Vertikalspindel Pinolenvorschub 0,04/0,08/0,15 mm/U
EMV-Klasse C2