WPP 100 M


Heavy, hydraulic workshop presses with two-piston feed speeds

  • Suitable for assembly and straightening work as well as for workpiece checks or the pressing and pressing of bearings¬†
    and other components
  • Ideal for technical workshops, repair shops and technical training facilities
  • Heavy machine frame welded from steel profiles to absorb the resulting compressive force of the cylinder
  • With two piston speeds and pressure regulation
  • The hydraulics work extremely precisely in both electrical and manual mode
  • Easy height adjustment of the heavy worktable without¬†
    effort using the hydraulic cylinder
  • With motorized piston return
  • Piston with unscrewable bottom

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Technical Specifications

pressing force 100 t
stroke 300 mm
forward speed 7.54 mm / s
pressing speed 2.47 mm / s
Cylinder diameter 220 mm
Piston diameter 75 mm
Light width 1100 mm
Hole distance for table height adjustment 150 mm
Frame depth 260 mm
Length without pump 1440 mm
Width depth 765 mm
height 2080 mm
drive power 2.2 kW
Supply voltage 400V
Phase (s) 3 Ph
Current Type ~
power frequency 50 Hz
mass 690 kg
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