Unicraft Hoist Lever train with load chain HZ 751


Lever hoist for lifting and pulling work with a maximum load of 750 kg

  • Design according to DIN EN13157 standard
  • Galvanized load chain according to DIN ISO 3077
  • High-strength, painted steel housing
  • Quick attachment of the load or pulling the load chain in both directions by chain freewheeling
  • Safe holding of the load by load pressure brake with asbestos-free brake discs
  • Drop-forged, rotating load and suspension hooks with safety catch



Technical Specifications

carrying capacity 0.75 t
Standard lift height 1,5 m
lever length 290 mm
Wide chain case 148 mm
mass 6.3 kg
Manual force at rated load 140 N
Number of chain strands 1
length 135 mm
width 148 mm
height 320 mm