S 620


OPTIMUM PREMiUM CNC inclined bed lathes with counter spindle milling and turning in one step

  • Difficult execution
  • Compact design
  • Inclined bed design 30 ° for particularly large machining diameters
  • Easy chip discharge into the chip tray
  • Dimensionally stable linear guides – ensure a long service life through maximum static and dynamic rigidity
  • Hardened and ground ball screws
  • SIEMENS servomotors in all axes
  • All servomotors with integrated encoder for highest accuracy
  • Portable electronic handwheel makes it much easier to retract programs
  • chip conveyor
  • Halogen work light
  • C-axis with brake system APEX PT16-16-RB-330 and 12 tools BMT55
  • Hydraulic three-jaw chuck Ø 200 mm and 150 mm on the counter spindle
  • Coolant system
  • footswitch
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • hydraulic unit
  • operation manual
  • Heat exchanger for control cabinet
  • Bar loader interface
  • EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)
  • Two years SIEMENS warranty included

SINUMERIK 828D The powerhouse in the compact class of CNC controls

First choice for every machining technology

  • 15.6 “color display
  • 16: 9 format
  • Capacitive display with multi-touch controller
  • Intuitive multi-touch operation
  • Softkey selection via touch function
  • Proximity sensor / distance sensor for smart display control
  • Die-cast magnesium panel front with scratch-resistant glass front
  • No battery (permanent data caching by NV-RAM technology)
  • No fan
  • No hard disk
  • Operation with work gloves possible
  • Front interfaces: USB 2.0, RJ45 Ethernet, IP65 also with open protective flap


  • Safety Integrated
  • Remaining material detection and processing
  • ShopTurn machining step programming
  • Manage network drive
  • 3-D simulation
  • Simultaneous recording
  • PPU 290 – Software 28x

Functional safety also protects against high costs

  • Avoidance of direct consequential costs of personal injury
  • Avoidance of indirect consequential costs of injuries
  • Increased productivity through increased machine uptime: fewer unplanned shutdowns and smoother production
  • Longer service life of the systems
  • Improving global competitiveness by increasing the exportability of machinery

Warranty extension
With the warranty extension, you can protect your new machine against warranty damage for a further 12, 24 or 36 months after the expiration of the two-year SIEMENS warranty. (only to be bought within the two-year SIEMENS warranty)
12 months; Article No. 3589020
24 months; Article No. 3589021
36 months; Article No. 3589022

Room amenities


  • Accuracy 44/1000 °

C 2 axis

  • Accuracy 44/1000 °


  • High-performance linear guides contribute to the stability of the machine and ensure high precision and low vibration during machining

inclined bed

  • 30 ° inclined bed in one piece
  • For high stability

cast body

  • Hardened HRC48-52 and heat treated

machine feet

  • Eight pieces
  • Optimal alignment of the machine

heat exchangers

  • Closed control cabinet with intelligent cooling management
  • Optimum temperature even at high outside temperatures

tool turret

  • Reliable and fast changer
  • Power transmission tools with servo motor, 12 tool slots

counter spindle

  • Both spindles with C-axis control
  • hydraulic
  • Brake system with spindle angle indexing


  • Hydraulic Ø 200 mm

Autom. Lubrication system

  • folded out
  • With float switch. If the oil level is too low, an acoustic signal sounds

X axis

  • Servo motor and high precision ball screw are directly coupled
  • Reduction of vibrations

Z and Z2 axis

  • Linear guides with recirculating ball

linear guide

  • Faster movement – rapid traverse 24 m / min.

Tool probe

  • From Renishaw
  • Allows to measure the tools inside the machine

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Technical Specifications

Electrical connection 400 V / 3 Ph ~ 50 Hz
Total consumption 20 kVA
Main spindle drive motor S1 operation 11 kW
Main spindle torque Drive motor S1 operation 98.7 Nm
Main spindle drive motor S6-30% operation 15 kW
Main spindle torque drive motor S6-30% operation 199.2 Nm
Main spindle Spindle mount DIN ISO 702-1 No. 6
Main spindle feed passage 66 mm
Main spindle rod passage 52 mm
Main spindle Hydraulic lathe chuck 200 mm
Counterspindle drive motor S1 operation 7.5 kW
Counterspindle torque Drive motor S1 operation 50 Nm
Counter spindle drive motor S6-30% operation 11 kW
Counter spindle torque drive motor S6-30% operation 112 Nm
Counterspindle spindle mount DIN ISO 702-1 No. 5
Counter spindle feed passage 52 mm
Counterspindle rod passage 45 mm
Counter spindle Hydraulic lathe chuck (option) 150 mm
Performance of the coolant pump 530 W
Power of the hydraulic pump 2.2 kW
Power of the central lubrication 30 W
Turning diameter max. 380 mm
Circulation Ø over machine bed 650 mm
turning length 520 mm
Circulation-Ø over cross slide 380 mm
inclined bed 30 degrees
Speeds Main spindle Z-spindle 4000 min-1
Speeds Counter Spindle Z2 Spindle 5000 min-1
Tool turret type hydraulic VDI30 DIN 5480
Engine power driven tools 3.75 kW
Speed driven tools 6000 min-1
Number of tool slots 12 tools
Pick-up height, width square max. 25 x 25 mm
Pick-up diameter boring bar max. 40 mm
repeatability +/- 0.01 mm
positioning 0.01 / 300 mm
Travel X-axis 215 mm
Travel Y-axis (option) 100 mm (+/- 50 mm)
Traverse Z-axis 520 mm
Travel Z2 axis 520 mm
Feedrate / rapid traverse X-axis 24000 mm / min
Feedrate / rapid traverse Y-axis (option) 6000 mm / min
Feedrate / rapid traverse Z-axis / Z2-axis 24000 mm / min
Length without chip conveyor 3500 mm
Length with chip conveyor 3985 mm
Width x Height 3135 x 1950 mm
total weight 5000 kg
Sinumerik 828D system software SW 28x
CNC memory 8 MB
Set changing time 1 ms
Look ahead 150
Number of tools 512
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