RP U 1020-100


  • Universally applicable frame press for fitting with individual bending, pressing, embossing, straightening or cutting tools
  • Very heavy and robust welded construction
  • Upper beam twice to ensure parallelism
  • Large support table with T-slots and central bore
  • Large plunger plate with T-slots
  • Upper and lower end position of the piston stroke infinitely adjustable via cams
  • Pressure infinitely adjustable
  • Pressure gauge for pressure gauge
  • Height-adjustable work table
  • Device for table height adjustment
  • Two-hand operation and foot pedal
  • oil filling

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Technical Specifications

pressing force 100 t
stroke 300 mm
forward speed 9 mm / s
pressing speed 5 mm / s
Return speed 10 mm / s
engine power 7.5 kW
Current Type ~
Working pressure max. 263 bar
Installation height max. 680 mm
Installation height min. 325 mm
Hole distance for table height adjustment 190 mm
Worktable depth 500 mm
Worktable length 1020 mm
Worktable bore diameter 100 mm
length 2110 mm
width 1000 mm
height 2275 mm
mass 1900 kg
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