OPTIturn L 44


  • Optimum CNC lathe with Siemens control 828 Basic T and the advantages: speed, performance, precision and service life
  • Spindle and servo motor from SIEMENS
  • Full covering with safety device
  • Integrated coolant system with 90 liter coolant tank
  • Automatic central lubrication
  • Standard with max. Spindle speed up to 3,500 min-1
  • Operating unit swiveling
  • Electronic handwheels for x- and z-axis
  • RJ45 connector, USB port and power connector 230V
  • Two years SIEMENS warranty included
  • Siemens control SINUMERIK 828D Basic T


  • Safety Integrated
  • Remaining material detection and processing
  • Shopturn work step programming
  • 3-D simulation
  • Network Preparation
  • Simultaneous recording

Room amenities:

main spindle

  • massive version

 machine bed

  • Heavily ribbed
  • High rigidity and durability


  • stable flatbed guide

 Ball screw

  • polished

 cast body

  • Hardened HRC48-52 and heat treated

 machine feet

  • 6 pieces
  • for optimal alignment of the machine


  • generously dimensioned
  • Carriage with ball screw with preloaded nut

heat exchangers

  • Closed control cabinet with intelligent cooling management
  • ensures optimum temperature even at high outside temperatures
  • prevents the penetration of dirt particles

Tool changing system

  • 8 tool slots
  • hydraulic VDI30 tool turret
  • Take-up height max. 20 mm

Automatic  lubrication system

  • Fold out for easy filling
  • Float switch detects the amount of oil. If the oil level is too low, an acoustic signal will sound, preventing damage to the machine

hydraulic power unit

  • Tank capacity 50 liters


  • Hydraulic three-jaw chuck Ø 150 mm
  • Easy clamping of workpieces


Set up with the door open

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Technical Specifications

Electrical connection 400 V / 3 Ph ~ 50 Hz
Power consumption 18.5 kW
drive motor 8 kW (S1 operation 7kW)
Torque drive motor 31 Nm
Torque at the spindle
Spindle taper DIN ISO 702-1 No. 5
spindle hole 52mm **
Performance of the coolant pump 270 W
tank capacity 90 liters
Engine power hydraulic system 750 W
Tank capacity hydraulic system 50 liters
Center height 223 mm
distance between centers 850 mm
Circulation-Ø over cross slide 240 mm
Circulation Ø over machine bed 446 mm
Circulation Ø in the bed bridge 520 mm
bed width 300 mm
Chucks 150 mm
Feed passage 40 mm
Spindle speeds 2 stages, 10 – 3,500 min-1
Turret type VDI 30th
Number of tool slots 8th
Tool turret pick-up height, width square max. 20 x 20 mm
Tool turret picking diameter boring bar max. 25 mm
repeatability +/- 0.005 mm
positioning +/- 0.005 mm
Travel X-axis 250 mm
Traverse Z-axis 760 mm
Feedrate X-axis 15,000 mm / min
Feed rate Z-axis 15,000 mm / min
Torque motor X-axis 6 Nm
Torque motor Z axis 8.5 Nm
Ball screw X-axis 25 mm x P5 mm x C3
Ball screw Z axis 40 mm x P5 mm x C3
Tailstock MK 4
Tailstock – Pinole diameter 52 mm
Tailstock – quill stroke 165 mm
length x WIDTH X HEIGHT 2,530 x 1,600 / 2,300 x 1,795 mm
total weight 2,620 kg
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