OPTIsaw S 275NV




  • Metal band saws with swivel saw bow. S 275NV with continuously adjustable saw blade speed
  • Silent run
  • Stable cast execution
  • High cutting accuracy due to vibration-free running
  • Lowering of the saw arm via hydraulic cylinder with throttle valve infinitely adjustable
  • Micro switch for automatic limit switch
  • Coolant system
  • As standard with high-quality bi-metal saw band
  • Adjustable material stop for serial work
  • Easy to read scale for angle adjustment
  • Overload protection

S 275N

  • Motor protection switch
  • Two switchable speeds

S 275NV

  • Infinitely adjustable saw blade speed 20 – 90 m / min
  • Speed ​​change possible during operation

Room amenities

Control panel

  • Clear keyboard for easy operation
  • Emergency stop impact switch
  • Switch coolant pump
  • Speed ​​selector
  • For Vario: potentiometer


  • Easy and accurate control of saw blade tension

Ball bearing saw band guide

Action vice

  • Adjustable via handwheel
  • Clamping the workpiece with a handy quick release lever


  • Robust
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