Optimum Metal Band Saw OPTIsaw S 285DG


    • Metal band saw with slewable saw bow for economic and precise working
    • Low-noise running
    • Heavy casting type
    • High cutting accuracy due to vibration-free running
    • Two switchable speeds 45/90 m/min.
    • Mitre adjustment from -45° up to +60° by slewing the whole saw bow
    • Ball bearing mounted saw band guiding providing outstanding band run and thus optimum cutting results
    • Chip brush
    • Automatic switch-off of the saw after termination of cutting
    • With high-grade bimetallic saw band supplied as standard
    • Material stop with scaling
    • Limit stops exactly adjustable within an accuracy of a degree
    • EMC filter (electromagnetic compatibility)
    • Fully equipped machine, the user can immediately start to work productively

    Control panel

    • Largely dimensioned
    • Emergency-stop push button
    • Switch coolant pump
    • Saw band speed

    Roller support

    • To support long materials

    Quick-action vice

    • Adjustable via handwheel
    • High tensioning force by quick action lever

    Clamping lever saw bow

    • Saw cuts in the range from 45° up to 60° are infinitely variable

    Machine substructure

    • Stable

    Pressure gauge

    • Simple and correct control of the saw band tension

    Coolant pump

    • Powerful 100 W



Technical Specifications

cutting range 0° circle 225 mm
cutting range 0° rectangle 150 x 245 mm
cutting range – 45° circle 150 mm
cutting range – 45° rectangle 120 x 150 mm
cutting range + 45° circle 150 mm
cutting range + 45° rectangle 150 x 190 mm
Lifting the saw bow manuell
Infeed continuously variable
Saw band speed 45/90 m/min
Saw band dimension 2,480 x 27 x 0,9 mm
Dimensions Length 1,720 mm
Width without material stop 870 mm
Width with material stop 1,270 mm
bottom stop position of saw bow 1,280 mm
upper stop position of saw bow 1,800 mm
motor power 1.1 kW 400 V ~50Hz
motor coolant pump 100 W
Net weight 295 kg
cutting angle