Optimum CNC Lathes OPTIturn L 28HS


  • CNC-controlled flatbed lathe with linear guide

    • Braced machine bed made of gray cast iron
    • Elaborate spindle bearing
    • Emergency stop impact switch
    • Central lubrication
    • reference switch
    • Maintenance-friendly protective housing
    • Rear access door for maintenance
    • Safety switch on the front sliding door
    • Revolving revolver is behind the center of rotation (left-hand turning tool)
    • linear guide
    • Software package “SINUMERIK 808D on PC” included. (Practical training software, with it
    • Workpieces can be programmed and simulated offline on the PC. Download for free at www.cnc4you.com)
    • Two years SIEMENS warranty included

    Room amenities:

    tool turret

    • For 6 tool slots
    • 1.5 seconds (600)
    • 60 watts


    • Incremental encoder for spindle positioning (thread cutting)
    • Large spindle bore

    signal light

    • Visually indicates the state of the machine

    Coolant system

    • extractable
    • Light chip removal

    linear guide

    • High permissible load and high rigidity
    • Low coefficient of friction

    Central lubrication system

    • Ensures regular and automatic lubrication
    • Lubrication points which are connected to the central lubrication system have a longer service life

    Siemens controller

    SINUMERIK 808D – CNC technology from the technology leader, coupled with a revolutionary operating concept

    • PPU141.3
    • 7.5 “color display
    • 80-bit NANOFP accuracy in the nanometer range
    • High resolution position feedback
    • Easy communication via USB
    • File handling as on the PC
    • CNC programming on DIN / ISO basis
    • SINUMERIK CNC high-level language
    • Context-sensitive on-board help
    • Play and spindle error compensation
    • Technological cycles
    • 2D CNC simulation and recording



Technical Specifications

Electrical connection 400 V / 3 Ph ~ 50 Hz
Total consumption 3.75 KVA
Drive motor S1 operation 2.2 kW
Torque drive motor S1 operation 14 Nm
Torque at the spindle 28 Nm
Spindle taper DIN 6350 A2-3
spindle taper 5C
spindle hole 30 mm
Performance of the coolant pump 95 W
tank capacity 25 l
Center height 169 mm
distance between centers 430 mm
Circumferential diameter over cross slide 200 mm
Circumferential diameter over machine bed 300 mm
Spindle speeds 40 – 4000 min-1
Tool turret type electrical
Number of tool slots 6 tools
Pick-up height, width square max. 16 mm
Pick-up diameter boring bar max. 16 mm
repeatability +/- 0.02 mm
positioning +/- 0.03 mm
Travel X-axis 145 mm
Traverse Z-axis 465 mm
Feedrate X-axis 6000 mm / min
Feed rate Z-axis 8000 mm / min
Torque motor X-axis 1.3 Nm
Torque motor Z axis 2.4 Nm
Tailstock MK 2
Tailstock – Pinole diameter 30 mm
Tailstock – quill stroke 120 mm
length 1655 mm
width 1485 mm
height 1955 mm
total weight 700 kg
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