Metallkraft Drilling Machine Thread Cutting GS 18


  • Electric tap with reversing gear for time-saving, precise cutting of threads in boreholes

    • Reversing gears for quick and easy thread cutting
    • Precision due to high torque, low speed and high concentricity
    • Universal mount with slip clutch for longer life of the workpiece
    • Compensation of angular misalignment of the tool due to the universal joint


    • Reversing gear allows a very short processing time: pressure on the spindle starts the slow clockwise rotation of the tool, when retracting the fast rewind is automatically activated at 680 rpm
    • Easy tapping in just one operation due to high torque, low speed and high concentricity
    • Additional handle allows optimal and comfortable tool guidance
    • Compensation of angular misalignment of the cutting tool in the bore by a joint between food intake and threaded chuck
    • Standard depth stop for blind hole drilled holes




Technical Specifications

Speed ​​(s) at idle forward
Speed ​​(s) in idle reverse
Speed ​​(s) under load forward
Speed ​​(s) under load backwards
Thread Cutting Steel (S235JR) Short Term Operation M18
Thread cutting steel (S235JR) continuous operation M14
Tapping Aluminum Short-time operation M18
Thread cutting aluminum continuous operation M16
Recording power drive motor 450 W
Supply voltage 220-240V
phases 1 Ph
power frequency 50 – 60 Hz
Current Type ~
Lead wire length 3 m
length 400 mm
Width depth 325 mm
height 240 mm
Explanation of dimensions
mass 3.15 kg