Cleancraft Hot Pressure Washer H 78-18

  • description

    High-quality and high-performance hot water high-pressure cleaner with a maximum pressure of 180 bar and a water temperature of up to 140 ° C including steam

    • Powerful and slow-running 4-pole motor
    • Steam stage for solving stubborn dirt
    • Calcification protection device
    • Quality Made in Europe


    • Working pressure and water temperature adjustable for optimal adaptation to the respective cleaning task, also cold water operation possible
    • Steam stage for removing stubborn dirt even without chemical additives
    • Powerful and long-lasting due to slow-running, 4-pole three-phase motor
    • Fatigue and wear-reducing total stop timing pump control: start and stop of the pump motor with soft start during operation and by forty seconds of time-delayed switch-off, control by opening and closing the gun – your advantage: fatigue-free operation with less pressure surges, no overheating of the pump by frequent switching on and off, increasing the service life of all components
    • Very robust 3-piston axial pump with brass head and ceramic piston
    • Intake of cleaning agent from external tank possible, suction hose included
    • Effective calcification protection due to anti-calcification
    • Practical brackets for jet tube and power cable
    • Conveniently maneuverable via ergonomic handle, two large wheels and two steering rollers with parking brake
    • Can be loaded via a stable crane
    • Quality Made in Europe


    • High pressure hose 15 m
    • Pump control Total Stop Timed
    • Self-priming pump
    • Cleaning agent tank 3.5 l
    • Cleaning agent regulation
    • Anti-limescale tank 2,5 l
    • steam level
    • water filters
    • Working pressure adjustable
    • Pressure gauge for working pressure
    • Motor 4-pole, low-speed rotor
    • Integrated cleaning agent tank
    • Intake system Cleaning agent High pressure, adjustable
    • Anti-calcification device (tank, pump)
    • safety valve
    • Water temperature adjustable
    • Cold water operation possible
    • Delayed burner start
    • Burning stop with extinguished flame
    • Flow Monitoring
    • Storage: Brackets for the tube and power cord
    • Chassis / transport: 2 large wheels, 2 castors with parking brake, rigid handles, crane
    • Control lamp for fuel shortage
    • Control lamp for power supply
    • Control panel with extensive status displays



    Technical Specifications

    Working pressure max. 180 bar
    Flow rate max. 780 l / h
    Temperature max.
    fuel diesel
    Fuel tank volume 18 l
    fuel consumption 4.6 l / h
    Cleaning agent tank volume 3.5 l
    Power consumption 5.0 kW
    Engine speed
    Supply voltage 400 V
    power frequency 50 Hz
    Phase (s) 3 Ph
    Current Type ~
    length 950 mm
    Width depth 620 mm
    height 850 mm
    mass 115 kg