Cleancraft dryCAT 262 IRSCT

  • description

    • Dry version for dust and other solid particles
    • Two-stage motors equipped with copper windings and motor protection. Suitable for particularly demanding cleaning tasks and long service life
    • Cartridge filter with extremely large filter area ensures consistent suction performance
    • Special seal between head and container is resistant to oil and chemical residues without losing any flexibility
    • 2-piece plug-in intake manifold made of aluminum with plastic sheathed. Very light and stable
    • Elastic and flexible suction hose restores high load and any kind of twisting
    • Hose connection to the container with locking prevents unintentional loosening of the hose during cleaning
    • Ergonomic head design with cable hook
    • 2 and 3-motor models with separate on / off switches. The operator can choose how many motors to operate. This allows a significant saving in energy.
    • Suction motors with noise filter to ensure low noise operation
    • Designed for continuous operation. Three motors with one cartridge filter each. The cleaner operates cyclically with two motors or filters while the third filter is cleaned during operation. Thanks to the automatic cycle, all filters are cleaned, while the vacuum continues uninterrupted without losing suction power.
    • Solid steel running gear with handle
    • Practical tilting device
    • dryCAT 362 RSCT-3 / dryCAT 362 IRSCT-3 with 3 filter cleaning
    • Quality from Europe



    Technical Specifications

    suction cup type dry
    Maximum power 2600 W
    air flow 6666 l / min
    container volume 62 l
    Hose diameter 38 mm
    hose length 4 m
    Engine number (s) 2
    Motor power stage (s) two stages
    Engine cooling bypass
    SPL 74.5 dB (A)
    Electric voltage 220-240V
    cable length 8,5 m
    Max. Power rating Device receptacles 1300 W
    negative pressure 223 mbar
    filter surface
    container material stainless steel
    Dimensions (L x W x H) 570 x 700 x 1140 mm
    mass 28 kg
    Current Type ~
    power frequency 50 – 60 Hz