Room amenities

Powerful brushless drive

Especially quiet running

Approximately constant torque over the entire speed range

Spindle speeds

Stepless speed control with frequency converter

Especially large speed range

control panel

Digital speed display

Forward / reverse

Emergency stop impact switch


Pushbutton Stop / Start

depth stop

Adjustable with millimeter scale

Front readable


adjustable height

Large dimensions



Large reach of 132 to 410 mm

milling head

swiveling 90 ° to the left and right

Digital position indicator DRO5

3-axis position display (X-Y-Z)

Four-line LCD display

Sturdy aluminum housing

cross table

Solid and large dimensions

Precise surface finish

Adjustable via 3 hand wheels

Adjustable end stops

chip pan


Central lubrication

XY stage and Z axis

The milling machine complies with the standard DIN EN 55011: Class A.