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  • OPTIturn TZ 5216DP


    • PREMIUM center lathe with digital position indicator DP700 from Newall
    • Machine bed and base made of heavily ribbed special cast iron
    • High stiffness of the headstock housing due to heavily ribbed 25GG casting
    • Hardened and ground spindle ensures tremendous accuracy and durability
    • Due to high chip removal during roughing, the finest surfaces can be produced and the tightest tolerances can be maintained
    • Large range of threads and feeds, without having to change the gears in the Wechselradschere must be made
    • Bed guides hardened and precision ground
    • Perfectly running main spindle mounted in precision ball bearings
    • Mechanical longitudinal feed shutdown of the bed carriage with four adjustable eccentrics
    • Electronic brake of the main spindle
    • All control elements (electrical) to reach centrally
    • 4-fold longitudinal stop
    • Spindle bore 80 mm
    • Rapid traverse X- and Z-axis with automatic end stop in the Z-axis

    Digital Position Display DP700

    • 2 measuring strips Microsyn
    • 1 measuring strip Spherosyn
    • User interface is intuitive and user-friendly
    • Developed and manufactured in England
    • IP67 protection
    • Measuring strips insensitive to contamination in the workshop
    • 5-year warranty on display and reading heads

    Room amenities:

    feed gear

    • All gears made of steel
    • hardened and ground
    • Waves on needle bearings
    • all components are lubricated in an oil bath

    lock case

    • Housing completely sealed
    • With safety device against simultaneous operation of threading and feed mechanism

    main spindle

    • Perfectly round
    • High load capacity
    • Mounted in precision tapered roller bearings

    machine lamp

    • Complete illumination of the workspace

    Floating Joints

    • standard


    • hardened and ground quill
    • Generously dimensioned
    • Quill with scale

    prism bed

    • heavily ribbed special casting
    • great rigidity

    PREMIUMline Made in EU

    European Quality

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  • OPTIturn TZ 4


    • Precision center lathe with digital position indicator NEWALL DP 700 and quick-change steel holder
    • Hardened and ground Z-axis guideway
    • Partial covering with entrained, large-dimensioned chip protection
    • Chip protection with integrated position indicator, coolant hose
      and additional control panel
    • Plan and upper slide spindle is hardened and ground and adjustable via split spindle nut
    • Emergency stop blow switch, motor protection switch, lockable main switch
    • Fine graded feed and thread cutting area
    • LED machine lamp for complete illumination of the
      working area
    • Reduction of the deceleration time of the main spindle by electrically
      braked motor
    • Control cabinet with 24 V DV power supply.¬†All contactors and relays from
      Siemens or Schneider
    • Optionally available change wheel set for inch thread
    • Safety handwheels with release function in the X and Z axis
    • Quick change steel holder SWH 5-B
    • Steel holder 25 x 120 type D for square chisels
    • Digital position indicator NEWALL DP 700

    Room amenities:

    Control panel

    • For switching from
      • lighting
      • coolant
      • Selector switch for 2-speed motor
    • Membrane keyboard easy to clean

    chip pan

    • Extendable to the front

    energy chain

    • gentle line and hose routing

    change gears

    • optionally also available for inch thread

    chip protection

    • movable
    • Running coolant hose

    NEWALL digital position indicator

    • DP 700

    Bed geometry

    • Shallow angle
    • Higher power consumption

    Guide and Zugspindelabdeckung

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